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Welcome to KinectGames.com, your home for all of the Xbox Kinect games.  We have all of the released and upcoming Kinect Games, all sorted by category below:

What is Kinect?

Kinect is a new, revolutionary accessory that Microsoft is releasing for the Xbox 360.  It is going to allow you to to play video games hands-free.  You no longer will need to learn controller combinations, all you need to do is move your body.  Kinect is a camera that can follow and register all of your body movements.  You can even speak out commands thanks to Kinect’s voice recognition capabilities.

If you want a new video gaming experience, then I would recommend that you buy Kinect, and any of the Kinect games that you want to play.  It is going to be an extremely popular accessory this holiday season, and you don’t want to be left out in the cold.  There are games for everyone on the Kinect games list, so definitely check it out and see what games you and your family want to play.

Other great features of Kinect include the ability to video conference with other Kinect users and other people via the MSN messenger network.  You can sit on your couch and have video chats with people all over the world, as well as enjoy an awesome new video game experience!!